Customer Research

Customer research is a part of customer relationship management. In this process extensive study is done in order to understand customer nature, demand, as well as customer behavior under different market condition. Customer research process  is a analytic process that helps in understanding  buying habits of customers, which helps in  determining effective sales strategy including, vendor management, as well effective targeting to new customer, etc. Customer research helps in finding new ways to boost market and product/service planning for a company/brand.

Utility of customer research

Customer behavior is a dynamic issue and every business has to care for this because it is the foundation for their product development plan. Presently, market is mainly the buyers’ market hence it is extremely important to understand buyers’ demand so that product/service can be planned accordingly. Customer research is a general way to understand the market trend. It is mostly done by analyzing data about customer choice, buying decision, survey, as well as by creating experimental sale campaigning, etc. Only an expert customer research company can understand the best way to do customer research for accumulating data to get thee research done in a productive way.

Different types of customer research

Customer research can be done in two different ways. These are primary research and secondary research. The suitability of methods is decided by expert marketers according product and service.

  • Primary research is done via survey and questionnaire: sometime specific interview is also conducted for accumulation of data. It is a fresh research scheme.
  • Secondary research is done by using already available data and here existing statistics and result of previously done research is considered for deriving the research result.

Different types of tools used in customer research

Different types of tools are used for executing primary research. Some of the most popular options are mail questionnaires, phone surveys, observation, and focus groups.

Secondary research is done by using existing data accumulated on similar products.

However, in both the cases, finding customer research result is a complicated analytic job and it is best done by expert digital marketing specialist companies who know the job according to industry standard.